That They May Know

Matt and Becky Allen

Director – That They May Know International

Matt and Becky Allen have been working in Papua New Guinea since 2003. Their heart’s desire is to see tribal people come to know Jesus Christ. They both graduated from Piedmont Baptist College in North Carolina. Matt is currently the director of TTMK and can be reached best by email.

The Allens are sent by Landmark Independent Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.


Since early 2008, John & Lena Allen have served in Papua New Guinea among the Kamea people of Gulf Province. Lena’s medical ministry reaches thousands of people each year, while John is involved in church planting, training national leaders, and Bible translation.

They are from Landmark Independent Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, their home church since 1981.


Lena Allen’s Facebook page:

Josh & Rebecca Florence

    Josh and Rebecca Florence have been called to plant churches among unreached people groups in Papua New Guinea. Josh completed his Master of Divinity at Pensacola Theological Institute, and he desires to evangelize and train local men to plant and pastor their own churches in their native language. Rebecca received her nursing degree from Pensacola Christian College and desires to start medical clinics to open doors for the Gospel.

    They are sent out of Resurrection Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida.



    Sarah was raised in a Christian home and saved as a teenager.  She graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in May of 1999 with a degree in Elementary Education.  In August of 1999 she began working at Sturgis Baptist Church in Sturgis, MI.  She worked there for eight years as the Pastor’s secretary and was privileged to be involved in nearly all aspects of the ministry during this time.

    In August of 2006 the Lord used preaching, His Word, and circumstances to reveal the next step of His will for her, that of joining the That They May Know team in Papua New Guinea.  With the full blessing and support of her Pastor she visited the field in April of 2007.  In August of the same year she resigned her position at the church and moved to Bowie, Texas to receive specialized linguistic and culture training at Baptist Bible Translator’s Institute.  She began deputation while there in early 2008, and the Lord graciously hastened her to the field, arriving in April of 2010.

    Sarah’s ministry involvement on the field includes Bible translation, literacy, children’s ministries, and the training of national women for various areas of the ministry.  She covets your prayers for the ministry to which God has called her.

    Sarah is sent out of her home church, Sturgis Baptist Church in Sturgis, MI.  Her Canadian sending agency in CanAmera Baptist Missions.  She can be reached through her home church at 269 651-4227.  You can also find her on Facebook at

    Wil and Trina Muldoon

    Wil and Trina Muldoon are called to work among the Orokolo people of the Ihu area of the Gulf Province. After pastoring a church in Wyoming for 16 years, Wil and Trina plan to use their experience in church leadership to begin starting churches and training national pastors among the Orokolo. Wil and Trina both graduated from Baptist Bible Translators Institute in Bowie, Texas.


    Jason and Cherith Ottosen

    The Ottosen family is blessed to be serving Jesus Christ as missionaries to the Kamea people in Papua New Guinea. The way God brought Jason and Cherith together is truly a romance story. Jason is a native of California and was saved at sixteen. God used missionaries on furlough to call him to missions. Cherith was led to the Lord by her Dad in Delaware at the age of five and later surrendered to missions as a single lady. The Lord miraculously led them together as Cherith’s last deputation meeting before leaving for the field was at Jason’s church. Cherith was in Papua New Guinea for nearly a year of their engagement and they married in December of 2009.

    The Lord blessed them with baby Grace in 2011. As a family they arrived on the field in March 2012. Now they are learning the unwritten language of the Kamea Tribe of Papua New Guinea to translate the New Testament so all may clearly hear of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary. Jason’s goals include preaching the gospel, planting an indigenous church, teaching literacy, and discipling believers. Will you pray for God to preserve the Kamea and God’s speed for the Ottosens?